Friday, February 16, 2007

Merry New Year!

Hello all,

I'm trying not to write a post about the damn weather for once (damn it's cold). On the bright side, the weekend is shaping up quite nicely (I'm fucking freezing). Tonight is drinks and dinner in Jamaica Plain, and tomorrow (can't feel my feet) is the annual celebration of Chinese New Year that my friends and I partake in, even though only one of us is Chinese. Every year, we trudge down to King Fung Garden in lovely Chinatown and gorge ourselves on a five-course Peking Duck meal.

This year (still fucking cold), there will be a ravenous 14 person horde descending (so very cold) on the poor King Fung. The great thing about the Fung is I think it only seats 14-15 people, so it'll be all us, boozing (oh God, my balls are in my throat) and feasting on the duckie. It's a tradition that my awesome friend "The Tong" started a few years back that we follow more regularly than birthdays.

So I will no longer bitch about the elements (seriously, my balls are frozen). Instead, I will be celebrating the Year of the Swine (can't... feel... fingers) and will do so in style tomorrow. Assuming I don't have to use a pick-ax to cut out a parking spot in Chinatown. So I hope y'all have a lovely weekend (so... cold... getting... dark) and stay warm. And given my new sunny attitude, I'm even (send... help) wishing a good weekend to Matt (Your hell will be an icy one, you fucker).

By the way, I updated the previous post with a clearer picture of the hockey rink.


New Texan said...

You sure you didn't crack a water main or something? how the hell did you get that much water in the back yard?

TK said...

Well, in case you were unaware, snow, when it gets warm, becomes water. And then when it gets cold, it becomes ice.

I'm kidding, I'm just being a douchebag. Honestly, there used to be an actual swimming pool there, but it was filled in before I bought the place. So there's a depression roughly the size of a swimming pool, which now drains water from the rest of the yard whenever it precipitates. And then, (O lucky me!) it freezes and creates this fucking mess.

I tried to make it level last summer. Obviously, I fucking failed.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, the temperature only got up to 50 degrees here today.

You're a witch. An evil surly witch.

TK said...


I know. *smiling happily*

Maxine Dangerous said...

Oh Jesus. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. And swearing with you because it was -5 here this morning. BAD DAY TO LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT A SCARF AND HAT, Maxine.

slouchmonkey said...

Gong si fa zai!

(fa zai = fah-dzai)

f-it! Happy New Year!

Lora_3 said...

The year of the Pig!
Have fun with your friends tomorrow.
TK do you think Matt's been looking for the warts? Poor Matt!LOL

Be safe...

New Texan said...

You should work the for the weather stations here in Dallas! They are always giving great insight into how snow and ice forms and whatnot. You'll need to wait until next year though, as the temps are starting to get back to normal now (60-70). Enjoy the skating rink Mr. Boitano.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Et tu, Lora?

Et tu?

dmbmeg said...

i just knocked my head into the computer trying to eat your picture. i love peking duck.