Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Future: Unknown

As you've all probably figured out (the four or five of you that keep reading this site), I've become nothing short of hopeless at keeping this blog active. It's a combination of things - between real life, work, marriage, dogs, cycling, and generally enjoying life, as well as writing for Pajiba and (hopefully) continuing to write about music, I simply don't have the time.

Which sucks, because I love this blog. It's what got me started. I met some good... no, great because of it. I've done a surprising amount of soul-baring on it, some of which was so intense that I eventually went back and removed it - there are some things that should remain mine, I suppose. It helped me find a home at Pajiba, and introduced me to dozens, if not hundreds, of new people. I was surprised at the amount of attention it got - little by major blogging standards, but considering it was nothing more than stories about me hurting myself and pictures of my dogs, that was quite a shock.

But as of late, I've been neglecting the ol' Meat Factory. Which leads me to think that it might be time to let it die. I mean, we're in the 40th week of 2009, and this will be my 21st post. There was a time when I'd write 21 posts in a single month... but then again, I had a lot more spare time back then.

So it's not official yet, but it probably will be soon. We'll see.

Then again, you always know where to find me.