Friday, February 02, 2007

Look people, I'm not happy about it either

All damn week people have been asking me who I'm picking for the Super Bowl. Mainly because those people know I a) am a rabid (and now bitter) Patriots fan, and b) hate the fucking Colts.

So here it is, for whoever gives a shit. I'm picking the Colts.

It's a bitter pill to swallow. But I have to, you see. I have to. God I hate them. And Manning. But I'm picking them for two reasons:

1. Because then the world will shut the fuck up about Peyton Manning.
2. Because I cannot live in a world where Rex Grossman, aka The Sex Cannon, is a Super Bowl Champion. Now that will de-legitimize sports as we know it. It might actually cause a black hole to open up and swallow us all. And nobody wants that.

So there it is. Colts win, those worthless, baby-raping pigfuckers.

We will continue with my regularly scheduled nonsense later.


Lora_3 said...

Hey did I tell you I'm from Indiana.

Go Colts!

Be safe...

TK said...

Ouch. Awkward.

Obviously, I did not mean that you are a baby-raping pigfucker. You seem very nice.

Besides, like I said, I'm rooting for the Colts!

Oh, damn it.

Lora_3 said...

Nice Kiss! LOL

Hey it's the pigfucker's year!

"Go Colts"

Be safe....

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

You're getting pretty good at that backtracking, kid. You're starting to sound like Dangerfield in Caddy Shack - "nice hat, does it come with a bowl of soup? Oh, but it looks good on you."