Saturday, December 23, 2006

Random things I fell in love with this week...

In no particular order of coolness, some new, some old:
  1. The Wire. My boss has been raving about it for weeks, especially since much of it is filmed in Baltimore public housing. And while we are not in Baltimore, my work does invlove public housing. A friend gave season one to me for Christmas and I am steadily ripping through it.
  2. Eggnog. It's a seasonal love affair that rears it's head each year. The trick to successful boozy nog is not too much booze. Just a little splash of rum and kapow! Holiday tastiness ensues. Oddly, Blogger doesn't recognize the word "nog".
  3. Lucero. Raspy, bluesy, roadhouse music. Trust me.
  4. Dunproofin. Some of the better mashups I've stumbled across. Also, Lenlow. Hopefully, they don't mind me linking to them.
  5. Corduroys. I don't care if I look like a 6' 2" nine-year old. Those fuckers are comfy.
  6. Sweet potato curry. Two things I would never have thought to put together, but the end result is superb.
  7. My new boots. Interestingly, I learned that the days of just buying snow boots or work boots are past. I wanted boots that were a) waterproof, and b)insulated. I got boots that are waterproof, insulated, oil resistant, shock resistant(shock as in zzzap!, not shock as in "Oh my!"), anti-skid and I believe the treads are made out of teeny tiny billy goats. Incidentally, this purchase will lead to a fascinating blog posting, as the trip was weird and funny.
  8. Global warming. Well, not really. But there's something to be said for going out in December in New England wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt and being perfectly comfortable. So what if 20 years from now we have to live underwater or on the moon. The downside is that there is now little reason for me to wear the aforementioned boots. Nor use my new snowblower.
  9. Jose's Mexican restaurant in North Cambridge. Tiny little place next to a railroad track that has phenomenal service, excellent authentic Mexican food, and a margarita that'll make you see Jesus.
  10. Watching my three-legged beagle try to do the high-five trick.

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