Friday, December 22, 2006

I worked my ass off today.

On my last day of work before my (brief) holiday break I have:

1. Eaten a pile of Chinese food.
2. Googled the lyrics to "Do They Know It's Christmas", and determined it to be completely idiotic. ("They won't get snow in Africa this Christmastime"? Well, it is fucking AFRICA. Also, they do in fact have rivers, and it rains frequently. And finally, I suspect the 50% or more doesn't give a fuck if it's Christmas because said 50% is... fucking... Muslim.)
3. Downloaded, and then listened to, all of the mashups from this site. They are awesome.
4. Briefly looked at next year's projected budgets.
5. Went out for coffee.
6. Watched internet trailers for Transformers (oh, lordy), Shrek 3 (oh, LORDY), Live Free or Die Hard (that's a fucking joke, right?) and Grindhouse (supercool).
7. Spent waaay too much time on Pajiba, watching people comment on nauseous vs. nauseated.
8. Went out for coffee again.
9. Had a 30 minute conversation with my co-worker Josh about Super Troopers and the fact that it's one of the 5 greatest dumb-yet-smart comedies ever.
10. Watched the Band Aid video on Youtube, considered posting it here, decided it would negatively affect what little blogging cred I have, reconsidered since there is no such thing as blogging cred, then re-reconsidered because I realized I was spending entirely too much time thinking about "Do They Know it's Christmas". Pssst, here's the link. It will make you giggle.
11. Listened to the entire Rubber Factory album by the Black Keys, and decided that I love it, and therefore will remain friends with my friend Pax.
12. Read all of IMDB's quotes from The Big Lebowski, to re-affirm that it is complete and utter genius.
13. Read the bio on Matthew McConnaghey (I don't care if I spelled it wrong) and re-affirmed that he is a jackass.
14. Wondered if my sister was coming up for Christmas. Knowing her, she will call me to tall me she just arrived, and can I come pick her up. And she will choose the most inconvenient station to disembark at. I love her. I also hate her. But more love.
15. Read Bill Simmons' weekly football picks.
16. Made this blog entry.

And I'm out. Peace, all.

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