Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The post-Christmas post

Yaaaaaay, back at work.

Wait... shit.

Anyway. How was everyone's Christmas? I hope you all received lots of shiny pretty things. Christmas, I may have mentioned, is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. Which is why, unfortunately, mine was a mixed bag. It started out boring as hell, then became lame as hell, but finally became wonderful. Here's some of the highlights and lowlights.

My parents, as I also may have mentioned, live in another country. So I don't see them. They also did not call me. They are going to have to beg my forgiveness. Especially because I tried to call them.

My sister didn't come visit. This is a so-so thing. I love my sister to death, she's insane and crazy and hysterically funny, not to mention fascinating. She directs theater in NYC. She's also sometimes a horrendous house guest. Nonetheless, I like seeing her at the holidays, but she was apparently simply too wiped out. That's OK.

I woke up Christmas morning by myself. My wife, Mrs. Uncooked Meat, was working an overnight. That was somewhat depressing. So instead I spent 30 minutes running around with Audrey yelling "BEAGLE'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAGLE!" This earned me some looks from my neighbors, but fuck them. And I mean that in a charming, yuletide way.

I went to see my aunt. I do have one aunt who lives around here, with my uncle and their 3 sons. I did not mention them before because, despite them living 10 miles away, I rarely see them. Mainly because my uncle is an insufferable bastard. But it was good to see the boys again. They got me what they usually get me... a fleece pullover and a waffle-print thermal shirt, and a gift certificate. They have gotten me those exact things three times. I'm not kidding. It's quite odd.

Finally, I went home, and my wife had returned from work, had a few hours sleep, and made my Christmas splendid. I got home to a fire a-blazin' in the fireplace, Christmas lights everywhere, and a waiting mug of eggnog. We opened presents, poked at the fire, played with the dogs, listened to Christmas music, and attempted to snuggle on the couch. I say attempted because this is very difficult with two dogs competing for affection. But it was great. So, in brief: Christmas - started out slow, ended great.

Happy holidays everyone.

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