Friday, May 09, 2008

We're All Criminals Here

So last week I'm ordering something on Amazon, and it tells me that I'm one cent shy of getting free shipping. So, of course, I immediately add Grand Theft Auto IV, because I'm a giant geek with too much spare time on my hands and a poor impulse control.

However, I firmly believe that Grand Theft Auto saves lives. At least, it does in my case. Just think about it - the ability to go on violent rampages, smash your car into buildings or drive it off of bridges - it just prevents me from cracking up and doing it in real life.

This is why I don't like public transportation - I always feel like I'm one jostled elbow or stepped-on foot away from one of those moments:


*eye twitch*

"... I'll kill you all"

You know what? I'm going to stop there. I... I may have said too much.

Regardless, it arrives today. Let the mayhem commence.

Also, the strip above comes from A Softer World. If you're not reading regularly, you are missing out on some the best dark humor on the internet.

Listening to: Uncle Tupelo - Criminals


Alex the Odd said...

Confession time: I have never owned a GTA game. I have never played a GTA game.

Hell, I've never even owned an 18 rated game.

My lovely flatmate is buying us GTA IV for my PS3, because I am broke and he feels it should be my first hi def game (and he wants to play it as he will have access to the PS3 for the next year and a half).

I'm so excited I could cry.

country roads said...

I liked vice city more than san andreas, but the new one looks pretty awesome. And, I have nothing but time on my hands. Dammit, TK, now I'm gonna spend money I don't have and I blame you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I do that with Amazon all the time. Only I recently bought Duke Nukem 3D because I was feeling retro and fancy free. And it turns out that, yeah, I still like blowing shit up. Bad graphics and all.

Anonymous said...

Amazon is a sneaky bastard, isn't he?

The Mister would disagree with your statement that aggressive driving games help get all the nasties out. For a brief period, he was addicted to Carmageddon where you rack up points for mowing down pedestrians, other vehicles, and oddly, cows roaming the city streets. He said that after a week of constantly playing the game he started seeing point values on other cars.

Then again, I think he's mild to moderately insane.


Sarah said...

I played San Andreas once at an ex-boyfriend's flat, and I thought it was funny but a little dull. I'm crazy weird about video games, though (which is shocking, of course, since I'm so totally normal about everything else). The only system I actually own is a Super Nintendo, so I play stuff like Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island and Street Fighter II. I'm very modern. I'm thinking of letting my hair down and wearing trousers!

Kolby said...

I hate Grand Theft Auto and it's damn catchy tunes.

Jez said...

How many times will the teeth bite the tongue looking for salvage in the damage that's done?

Anonymous said...

I'm a giant geek with too much spare time on my hands and poor impulse control

Damn this online shopping!!