Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random stuff

Several things all at once...

-My parents get here on Saturday. SATURDAY, PEOPLE. I'm a mess right now. I can't sleep, can't work, can't really do anything except bounce in my seat in anticipation. Thank God the Celtics are on tonight to distract me. Meanwhile, Mrs. TK has been cleaning the house within an inch of its life all week (I know that doesn't make sense. You want good grammar, start your own damn blog). She's like a lemon and bleach scented dervish. I think our house is the cleanest it's been since it was built. Of course, I have been doing little except for working outside and cooking dinner, because apparently I'd either just be in the way, or I "wouldn't do it right." I suppose I can't complain. On the subject of parents, I also wrote this.

-Work is an absolute madhouse right now. Summer's always super crazypants in my line o' work, so the rush is officially on. Thankfully, I'm off next week.

-I saw The Black Keys last Saturday. Holy freaking Hell. I'd never have guessed that two guys could generate that kind of energy. They're a blues/rock duo, just a drummer and guitarist/vocalist, and they fucking rocked my face off. Their new album is called Attack and Release, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

-Folks in tattoo nation: I need your help. I got to work today and realized that the pants I'm wearing are basically ruined - stains on the knee/thigh from where I leaned my arm there after my last session. I'm using A & D ointment and it apparently stains like a motherfucker. Actually, this leads to an interesting story...

I'm in the midst of contract negotiations with one of our unions at work. So we're at a negotiation meeting, and I'm wearing short sleeves (usually, I try to wear long sleeves for meetings, but I'd forgotten this day). Anyway, one of our maintenance guys who is on the negotiating team for the union is getting coffee at the same time as me, and sees the new ink. And...

Him: Hey, nice tat man.
TK: Oh, thanks. It's still in progress, I still have two or three sessions to go I think.
Him: Sweet. Hey, what are you using for the aftercare?
TK: Ah, A & D, then just Lubriderm after the first few days.
Him: You should try Bag Balm. I got a mess of tats, that's what I've always used, it works awesome.
TK: Bag Balm?
Him: Yeah. It's what farmers use on cow's tits.

We both turn around to take our seats, and see 10 people - my boss, lawyers, etc... in complete stunned silence. It was one of the more interesting meetings. Not quite as bad as the great gangbang incident of 2007, but...

Anyway. My next session is the day after my parents leave, which will most likely be devastatingly depressing. I'm calling it tattoo therapy.

-New review up at Pajiba, for perhaps the best "Giant Crocodile Terrorizes a Small Maine Town" movie ever made, Lake Placid.

That's basically it. I'll probably be off the grid for much of next week - I'll check email pretty regularly, but posting is unlikely. So you all have a splendiferous weekend and week, OK?

Listening to: William Elliott Whitmore - Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors


country roads said...

I used A & D for the first couple, but it stinks like a baby's ass. And it stains and is greasy. You know this, obviously. The next time I went in they told me that you can use lubriderm the whole time or just let it dry heal. It doesn't harm it as long as you don't pick it.

As for getting it out of your pants (ha!) I think it's possible, but I can't remember how (zing!). My ex was the Stain Master and took care of all of that for me. Now I'm resigned to just buying new stuff or being stained.

Julie said...

Have a great time with your parents TK, you must be busting :)

slouchmonkey said...

"Bag Balm?"

"Yeah, it's what I use on my nuts."

Best to the 'rent.

Anonymous said...

Great review on Lake Placid, one of my hangover faves too.
Black Keys are awesome. When I heard their last (first?) CD I could just imagine myself sitting in the back of a smoky, dingy dive bar with a cold brew... will have to check this new one out.
I can't even remember what I used on my last tattoo, everyone tells me something different. I think I just kept it clean with liquid Dial soap and let it dry heal. And I'm always careful to put high-powered sunscreen on them after they heal.
have fun with the parents!

Felicia said...

I love Black Keys and saw them at Lolla last year. I think they'd be much better in a smaller venue, like one that is not outside and not full of 10 gajillion d-bags. But I haven't had the chance to catch them locally.

Alex the Odd said...

Yeah, I have a set of post tattoo clothing as my back ruins everything it touches for days afterwards. Grrrr.

Tattoo therapy is the way forwards, two of mine were from mini mental meltdowns and certainly served their purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ok, a secret weapon: AquaPhor. It is a waterbased ointment, so no nasty stains, it doesn't stink, and it is actually better for your skin than A&D.

Also, YAY for Black Heys! Saw them last year at Bonnaroo, and they were great.

And last but most importantly: YAY for TK's parents!!! I hope you guys all have an amazing time. :)

Nicole said...

I actually have Bag Balm. Someone gave it to me at a former place of employment when I was complaining about my winter-abused, dry, cracked hands.

I think it's still hidden under my sink.

Yay for parents!

Anonymous said...

Just dropped in...I live in Akron so I get to see the boys from the Black Keys frequently (they love coffee yo) and they are super duper nice in person...talented AND nice...YAY!