Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You sexy thing.

Hey there, hot stuff.

How you doin'? You're lookin' good, that's for sure.

I've been lookin' forward to meeting you.

Yeah, seeing you on Christmas is just what I needed.



Jez said...

Very nice. Hope you got a college foozball game with that.

dmbmeg said...

You are on lucky dude if your wife bought you that.

Dear Mrs TK-
You might be the best wife on the planet. I think one of my sisters got her husband a vacuum.

Alex the Odd said...


Nobody loves me enough to buy me a next gen gaming console. Boo.

country roads said...

You suck. Your wife is awesome. She should write a book on how to be the most awesome wife ever.

Hope you guys had a great holiday!

Manny said...


Now, here are the games you should purchase immediately:
Heavenly Sword
Kane & Lynch
Assasin's Creed
Resistance: Fall of Man

Anonymous said...

You silly mens and your games.

My husband is awesome because I got fancy new bras for Christmas. Yip! Yip!

kelsi said...

you're right. that is a sexy bitch.
good luck with the whole going-outdoors-in-2008 thing.

girl with curious hair said...


Does this mean you're not blogging any more? Bcz if it does, I will be very sad.

TK said...

Jez - Nope, but I shot the SHIT out of some aliens last night.

dmbmeg - I know. I know.

Alex - Aw. Poor little thing.

CR - It was a great holiday. Mostly.

Manny - Good. I hate you too. And Resistance fucking ROCKS.

Manda - I was gonna ask for bras, but...

Kelsi - I gotta get all my video gaming in before spring.

Curious - Oh no. In fact, new posts shall be coming soon.

Kolby said...

Mr. Kolby spent the holiday playing Rock Band with my step-brother on his 360. Now he wants one. I thought I had broken him of that disease years ago. Sometimes I really hate men and their hand-eye coordination.

TK said...

I'm fucking stunned at the number of comments this lame little post got.

Get a hobby, people.

I kid, of course.