Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Two short, unrelated, but somewhat funny things:
The scene: My TV room, last night, during the Patriots game. Patriots are up 3-0.

Mrs. TK comes down to watch with me. The Ravens score. "Uh oh," she says. The Ravens score again.

I begin my usual routine when my team is losing. Namely, swearing constantly, standing up, sitting down, stalking around the room, swearing some more, and throwing things. Mrs. TK says "OK, you're freaking me out. I'm going upstairs."

She leaves. The Patriots promptly tie the game.

Now, I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin'. You know?

Impromptu IM with A Lover and a Fighter that demonstrates that I am not alone in this world:

11:30 AM L&F: i have squash soup in my hair
11:31 AM send help
me: oh dear god
L&F: i know
me: how did you... what did you...
11:32 AM L&F: i am eating lunch
and it is squash soup
11:33 AM me: no, you are apparently accessorizing with squash soup
L&F: and it is hot
so i put some in my mouth
and then went "blarghgh"
me: uh huh
L&F: and it fell out of my mouth
and into the cup
and splashed
11:34 AM with some amazing hang time
and landed in my hair
the end
me: were you eating it upside down?
i mean... were you upside down when you were eating?
11:35 AM this reminds me of the time a friend found General Tso's chicken on the brim of my baseball cap.11:43 AM L&F: i can totally see how that would happen
11:45 AM me: i knew you'd understand


Last but not least - FUCK it's cold.


A Lover and a Fighter said...

It's probably best that we continue to live in separate states. Separate time zones would be even safer. Sigh...

New Texan said...

Fear not... as long as my dog watches Boston sports teams with me, they win. His is a higher power.

Mrs. Tex and I fought about it last night... she was going to bed and wanted him to come in with her, and I yelled back "he needs to watch the game!!!" It's probably a really good thing that we don't have kids.

Anonymous said...


I am doomed.

Lauren said...

It took me a full 3 minutes to catch my breath from laughing at that IM conversation. My boyfriend can manage stuff like that too. It just beyond my comprehension how, though. I mean, I'm clumsy but that stuff is on a whole different level.

dmbmeg said...

You two are a gong show, but I love you both.

I'm referring to L&F, but from what I hear your wife is absolutely lovely. I mean she has to be to be married to you.

Hey oh!

Manny said...

That wasn't squash soup!! Hay-o!

demondoll said...

If the Seahawks are winning, my husband has to turn on the telly to cheer them on. But he needs to turn it off soon, or else the Hawks lose. Husband's a jinx, poor thing.

country roads said...

Your losing team ritual sounds eerily like mine.

chicken on your hat brim? That's a new one.

Maxine Dangerous said...

I wanna be your IM friend too, even though I don't have any squash soup. But I bang into things a lot, so I'm sorta like L&F. :)

TK said...

L&F - It just wasn't meant to be.

NT - That's awesome. Seriously. Mac's a good boy.

Boo - There are many things in this life I am thankful for, and that is one of them.

Lauren - We're special people. Don't mock us.

Dmbmeg - I hit my head reading your post.

Manny - You are nothing if not reliable, you maniac.

Demondoll - That is my nightmare.

CR - Do you occasionally rip issues of Sports Illustrated in half with your teeth, too?

Max - Squash soup is by no means a requirement.

Kerstin said...

You are officially tagged.

Manny said...

I'm also lacking in comments. You forgot that one.

kelsi said...

you and l&f make up a club that, strangely, i'm not sure i want to join. despite adoring both of you, i just don't think i'm ready for that sort of commitment.

The Ex said...

Hmmm. I think the real question is how does a real man eat squash soup?

The Ex said...

And by that I meant I'm AN IDIOT who doesn't have reading comprehension skills. Too bad for me. :(