Monday, December 31, 2007

The closing of the year

I'd like to say that I have some fantabulous idea for a New Year's post... but I don't. Honestly, I'm just really fucking bored at work. So, a couple of random notes:

Our anniversary dinner... it... I still get a little excited thinking about it. Zebra's in Medfield, MA. If you're ever in the neighborhood, you owe it to yourself... to baby Jesus... Hell, you owe it to America to eat there. Seriously. All in all, a wonderful night.

Saturday... I'm not gonna harp on it. I'll just say a single word, and move on.


Sunday. I played what can probably be called an unhealthy amount of Playstation 3. Peppered with watching some football. Hey, if you've gotta be home alone on a cold Sunday in December, there are worse ways to spend the day.

And now I'm stuck at work. Sweet.

OK, this post really blows. I'm not feelin' it. But I hope you all have a spectacular night tonight. Be safe, have fun. We're having sushi with friends, and then maybe a late cocktail at their house. I'm perfectly happy with that plan, frankly.

Happy New Year.


Kerstin said...

Happy New Year.

Manny said...

And....Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my poorly written/conceived crap. We might go to my cousins house for a party, a bar for a party, or stay home and make the sexy time. Either way my penis usually ends up in someone's ear, so it's a win-win.

Deutlich said...

We definitely kept everything incredibly low-key, which turned out to be the absolute best idea. I vaguely remember complaining (a lot) about how I wasn't even remotely drunk... but I think my current headache is proving me incredibly wrong. Oy.

Happy New Year!

demondoll said...

Happy New Year!
Ours was low-key, as well. A couple of early parties, then home sweet home.

Kolby said...

Happy New Year!

I am so pissed the Gators lost to fucking Michigan. Oh well - the year can only get better, no?

country roads said...

hey, happy anniversary too :-)