Friday, August 31, 2007

I know you've got a new favorite

When your favorite team gets swept by the forces of darkness, and you have a REALLY crappy day at work (like today) there is nothing to do but take a cue from another blogger, and retreat to your happy place. So in preparation for my weekend, here are a few of my favorite things.

Taken while lying in my yard.

We're seeing him live on Sunday.

I'd say this speaks for itself.

Ceili the Wonder Dog.

Flavor country.

Evil Cuteness incarnate.

mmm... sweet, glorious Irish whiskey.

Happy Labor Day!

I might drink more High Life than water. Is that bad for you?

The only way to eat during the summer.

I'd post a picture of Mrs. TK, but I don't think she'd approve. But she's at the top of the list, and she has the weekend off. Let's boogie!

Oh, and Tex? Yes, I totally stole your idea. But at least I'm crediting you for it. Have a good long weekend, folks.


Redhead said...

I can't believe you're still complaining about your baseball team - get over it and stop being a wuss. Hopefully all the alcohol will help you unwind (and forget that Manny and Papi aren't looking too good...oops, did I say that out loud?).

TK said...

You're right. I should stick to complaining about my rampant relationship neurosis. Oh, wait. I'm sorry, I got us confused for a second.

Did I say that out loud?

QueBarbara said...

It's so nice to read a happy blog. Right now the Dude and I have steaks on the barbie (with steamed artichokes and lemon butter sauce on the side); on Sunday the usual suspects are coming over for ribs and brisket.

Sometimes life is good. Let's enjoy it while we can.

Alex the Odd said...

I'm now really hungry and craving a drink. This probably isn't a good thing as I have stuff to do today, stuff that probably wouldn't be aided by alcohol. Also: Drinking more beer than water is in no way bad for you.

Trust me, I'm a scientist.

And if I'm wrong then I'm completely screwed.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Maxine Dangerous said...

Oooh, would love to see the Lewis of Black. Please to report back on the awesomeness that was surely his show. :)

Happy Labor Day!

MelodyLane said...

I envy you for getting to see Lewis. I really do.

I give you all the right in the world to hate Drew, but still the Sox are likely going to the playoffs, no need to worry yet. Besides, the Yanks choke every damned year.

Also, the great evil is Roger. Frickin' retire already!!

New Texan said...

And look what happens... we get into our Happy Places, and BOOM... 6 game lead, rookies throwing no hitters, Jon Lester coming up big... it's all good.

Now, if we could just get the Mariners to sweep the Stanks this week... wow. Unfortunately the fisherman have lost 9 in a row, so I am not counting on them.

TK said...

QB - Life was verrry good this weekend. Just got done with a beautiful boating trip with a few friends.

Alex - Well, if a scientist says so...

Max - Awesome. He was awesome. Highly recommend seeing him.

Melody - See above, and I hear Roger's headed for the DL, so... sweet!

Tex - Let's not forget the stellar play of Ellsbury ands Dustin - the rookies rocked this weekend. And the Mariners took on from the Yanks... let's repeat: life is good.

country roads said...

is that your backyard? Beautiful!!

and I'm glad to see someone else enjoys the High Life. It's unbeatable.

slouchmonkey said...

Bushmill's-not so much. JAMESON, my friend!

I luv the awesomeness of your beagle.

TK said...

CR - it is my yard, and probably the #1 reason we bought the house.

Slouch - I keep offering that beagle to readers, but no takers. She's adorable, but the devil incarnate. And Jameson's is good too, but Bushmill's is my favorite. I'm not Irish, so I don't have to get caught up in Protestant vs. Catholic whiskeys. How's baby coming along?

slouchmonkey said...

Great thanks! It's all quite amazing...

Is there anything better than a bottle of suds that been at the bottom of the cooler for about 3 hours? On a hot day, it's so cold, it's gone in about 3 swills. I spent the better part of Sunday fishing for those in the 100+ plus heat that's been hitting SoCal.

The high life reminded me! Also, it appears you're quite the grill-man. Nice!

Anonymous said...

DeWars... not Irish whiskey is it? Comes wrapped nicely, too. Just like the skankees.

7 game lead. Yeah, life is good in Red Sox Nation. And no fucking Dent this time to spoil the trip.


mindy said...

God those are cute dogs!!! Can I have them? Thank you.

dmbmeg said...

I'd post a picture of Mrs. TK, but I don't think she'd approve.


Kerstin said...

I saw Lewis Black in Portland, OR back in June. He is freaking hysterical. I just love him.

Glad you enjoyed your show.

blythe said...