Friday, January 30, 2009

Stay Away

IM debacle that just took place between me and Ervie, who is contributing to an upcoming piece for Pajiba Music:
me: well, allow to toss another wrench into them there works
(allow ME)
Ervie: okay.
11:39 AM me: guitar solos? yay or nay? no big deal either way, but I need something done today.
Ervie: oh, fuck...
me: holy fuck. that was some no shit rhyming
Ervie: indeed!
me: anyway
Ervie: gimme a little bit.
me: i can't stop!
11:40 AM Ervie: I can pull it together.
me: THIS IS SO... GAY!
kill me
Ervie: to-DAY?
me: GAH!
Ervie: in what way?
just kill or slay?
11:41 AM Ervie: please god go away
this is totally going on the blog

Yeah, so... not getting a lot done today.


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Maxine Dangerous said...

We should TOTALLY be IM BFFs. :D Not sure I still have your email address though... hrmmm... *looking around*

branded said...

Anybody want a peanut?