Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Shape of Things to Come

It is currently almost 60 degrees outside, sunny and beautiful. It's a preview of things to come, in the midst of a particularly rough winter. I went for a lovely walk during lunch, and it was gorgeous outside. Unfortunately, it just made going back to work worse. With that in mind, real quick-like, here are the things I'd rather be doing:

1) Hiking with Mrs. TK and the hounds

2) On my new bike, flying around as fast as I can

3) Sitting on the back porch, cold beer in hand, watching the dogs rumble

4) Sitting on Ervie's patio, watching the ships pass by in the harbor

5) Two words: Hammock. Nap.


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jM said...

I rode a bike for the first time since I was about twelve. It was so awesome, I'm seriously considering investing in one. That's a big move for a lazy ass like myself.