Thursday, September 04, 2008

Three Days to the Weekend

Ah, the glorious three-day work week. Yes, Monday was Labor Day and Tuesday was a vacation day, as we had friends in town to visit, the super-awesome C's! A grand time was had, despite the fact that Mrs. TK and I were somewhat sick for much of the weekend. Highlights of the weekend include:

Half-drunk Trivial Pursuit that demonstrated once again that my brain does not function the way a normal brain does. For example: I roll. I land on the color blue.

Mrs. C: What color?
TK: Four.
Mrs. C, Mr. C: What?
TK: I mean ONE!
Mrs. C, Mr. C, Mrs. TK: WHAT?!?
TK: Fuck. I mean Pink!
Mrs. C, Mr. C, Mrs. TK: Holy shit.

Cue hysterical laughing.

Also, walking the Freedom Trail becomes much more amusing when it is merged with a bar crawl. I plan on doing it again some day when I'm not ill and really give it a go.

Finally, we must have watched the trailer for Bolt a half-dozen times, because that damn hamster left us in tears.

A great weekend overall.

PS - I've got today's post at The Music Is The Message. Please check it out and read about one of my absolute favorite artists ever. Click here, and thanks.

PPS - Update. I also did the 12:00 Pajiba Love entry for today, so check it out if you get bored.


country roads said...

That's often how I count. 1,2,3, BLUE. I thought everyone did.

sloaneclearv said...

oh my god, oh my god- i'm famous! and "super-awesome"!!!
i'll get my ball.....

Sarah said...

I was once playing Categories, and when it was my turn I kept saying "Nine. Wait... Nine. WAIT... Nine. WAIT!"

That went on for, like, at least three solid minutes. I was attempting to say eight. I am broken and retarded sometimes. However, in my defense, Categories is a drinking game, and I had been marinating in gin for several hours at that point.

prisco said...

Freedom Trail bar crawl. Now I figured out what we're doing if I ever make it back up to Boston. Except where do you drink once you get out of the North End? Doesn't that fucking thing go out for like twenty seven miles to that goddamn watch tower? Fuck that part. We're getting drunk and eating Italian food.