Monday, September 15, 2008

Camping recap

Well, we survived our time in the wilds of New Hampshire. Actually, it was a spectacular success for the most part. Gorgeous site, great area, didn't see any people for three days. We had a few (minor!)mishaps - overshooting the turn to the trail to our campsite and hiking an unnecessary half-mile (while weighed down with about 40 pounds of gear... each). I probably tripped over tent stakes about a dozen times. I also managed to smash my shin into a downed tree and bruise myself nicely. But nothing that required stitches or hospitalization which, for those who know me, is something of a back-patworthy feat.

And before Mrs. TK starts harping about it, because I know she will, I did NOT DROP A KAYAK ON HER HEAD. SHE SLIPPED, GODDAMNIT. Don't anyone believe a word she says. She is a deceiver and spreader of lies.

Anyway. We got there Thursday afternoon, after succeeding in making the drive without the kayaks ripping the roof off the truck and causing a horror show on I-93. Hiked our gear into the site, and man... it. was. fucking. spectacular. See for yourself:

The view from the site, and me looking at that view

Kayaks and our little inlet

The view from the kayaks

We then kayaked in the remaining gear, explored a bit, and made dinner.

Day 2 consisted of a hike in the morning:

The view from the top.

Catapult in the making

Me on the move

Baby salamanders!

Freaky caterpillar

Our hike was followed by a trip in the kayaks, exploring the little network of ponds and lakes... until it started to rain. Now, some of you may remember our last little disaster of a camping trip. THIS time, we had a tent that didn't leak, so we stuck it out and actually had a great night despite the pouring rain.

Saturday, however... we were supposed to switch to another campground, since the first one wasn't available over the weekend. So we drove up to Bear Brook State Park and... it pretty much sucked. Like, really sucked. Kids everywhere, campsites right on top of each other, RV's, loud music, rednecks drinking beer at 11:00 in the morning... just the complete opposite of what our first three days of quiet bliss had been. So we said fuck it, swallowed the 20 bucks, and headed back to Massachusetts. The day wasn't a bust though - we stopped at a nearby reservation and went kayaking through a relatively unknown section of the Charles River, which was lovely.

Anyway, that's the recap. Thanks for indulging me. And once again, she slipped, goddamnit!


A Lover and a Fighter said...

I will always believe mrs tk no matter what she says. Always.

And you look like you lost weight- have you been working out?

mrs tk said...

It was the big orange one he dropped on my head, too. You'd think since he's been working out that he'd be strong enough to not drop the kayak on my head. I still have a bruise...

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Yes, we have all heard of how uncoordinated Mrs. TK is at all times. What I don't understand is how she hurt her head on something above her when she slipped down. That's kind of impressive.

TK said...

Honey, why, oh WHY must you turn this blog into a HOUSE OF LIES?!?!

sloaneclearv said...

for the record, i STILL have a bruise on my thigh from the rudder of said "big orange one" from helping you two numbskulls get it off of the roof rack the day you bought it. i would stay the hell away from that thing at all costs, mrs. tk...

MelodyLane said...

TK, you should plan your cover-up better.

Besides, aren't you way taller than Mrs. TK?

Hope your bruise goes away soon Mrs. TK?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, that caterpillar is totally the kind they always tell you not to touch 'cause it's a stinger.

And yeah, I see the signs. Next camping trip she's going to "fall" off the cliff, right? It always starts small...

Rian Montgomery said...

New Hampshire is totally beautiful! I lived there for about 6 years. It sounds like your hike was fun! :-)

kelsi said...

soooooooooo rough.
as for the slipping/dropping situation... why not call it a team effort? after all, it takes two to be truly clumsy. just embrace it.

Kolby said...

Well, dang, I sure hope you spend as much time making it up to Mrs. TK as you seem to be in attempting to discredit her. The poor thing!

And that caterpillar is not something I needed to see a couple of hours before bedtime. :::shudder:::