Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Music is Good For You, Part VI

So I'm in kind of a weird mood today. I've been sick all week, which has been miserable. I missed a day and a half of work, mainly due to the one-two punch of my wife and my boss both berating me into staying home. It's been kind of a crappy week, it's rained a lot. Not much going well except for the Red Sox winning (note: I have been doing everything in my power not to write about the Sox because I know it annoys the hell out of some people, but sometimes shit slips through).

Anyway, that was a pointless introduction, especially since this is a music post. But I just wanted to set the mood a little, since this is one of those music posts where the two artists are radically different from each other.

First is a recent discovery, William Elliott Whitmore. Part blues, part country, this guy has a remarkable voice and some serious guitar and banjo skills. The banjo is an instrument I never really appreciated until a guitar playing friend of mine explained just how damn hard it is to play. He's an Iowa boy who's got the kind of whiskey-and-cigarettes voice that, when used properly, can really move you (very reminiscent of Tom Waits). What's perhaps the most surprising is that he's pretty young - I couldn't track down a birth date, but he's definitely still in his 20's, I'd guess. This is a live track (he doesn't have any videos), and it's sometimes dark and hard to make out... but hopefully you'll get the point. The song is called "Lift My Jug (Song for Hub Cale)", from his album Ashes to Dust.

Next is Lovage. Now, I've already spoken about my man-crush on Mike Patton, possibly one of the weirdest, and most talented, musicians alive today. Lovage is one in a long line of projects he's worked with, including but not limited to Faith No More, Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Lovage is a trio of talents made up of Patton, singer Jennifer Charles, and Japanese-American hip-hop producer/DJ Dan the Automator. It is a singularly bizarre combination of talents, and what comes out is fascinating stuff - a weird, noir-ish mix of sultry vocals and scratchy, yet smooth beats and music. This is "Book of the Month", off the brilliantly titled album, Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By.


QueBarbara said...

Thanks for that (re: W. E. Whitmore); totally awesome, I hadn't heard of him.

Since you like that kind of music, please check out Blaze Foley, in particular Clay Pigeons

girl with curious hair said...

Your boss seems unstable--sending you home. You should work for mine, who looked at me and asked if I really needed a day off when I had a fever and was coughing so much, our clients said they'd call back later...

I hope you're feeling better.

Manny said...

Hey the tat. Posting a pic on Monday. Hope you're feelin better.

Daphne said...

TK - sending healthy thoughts your way. Get well soon.

Hey, I was out sick on Friday, and one of my managers had the audacity to tell me, after calling me at home about an issue - which wasn't a problem, that I and another co-worker, who was also out of the office, can't be out on the same day. Like it was planned. Of course, this is the same manager who freaks out at the slightest sign of a mistake and does little to nothing as I and the aforementioned co-worker do the majority of the work. So instead of having the competence to figure shit out for ONE day, she felt the need to point that out. Idiotic psycho, she is.

TK said...

Thanks y'all for the well wishes.

In order:

Que B - I tracked down some of his stuff - hard to find, but I like it! But man, talk about a tragic life story.

Curious Hair - I know, it's weird. My boss is quite awesome.

Manny - I repeat: BADASS!

Daphne - time to brush up the ole' resume, if you ask me.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Just got a chance to listen to these - that Lovage song just kicks ass. I love it.

P.S. For future reference, the words "Manny" and "bas-ass" should never, NEVER go in the same sentence unless you're talking about his new job on a mule train.

P.P.S. Yeah, you are a dick.

Manny said...

Matt - I take back what I said, the next time one of your jeep's parts chooses to implode, please seat yourself directly over said part prior to explosion.

QueBarbara said...

Re: Blaze Foley, yeah, it is a sad story of what could have been. Singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams - I don't know if you've ever heard of her; some of her songs are so moving, they make me break out in goosebumps, while others are so whiney I want to slap her for being such a self-indulgent bitch - wrote "Drunken Angel" about him.

Manny said...

What? No Avril Lavigne? It's all over Matt's blog.