Thursday, April 26, 2007

To quote Eliot Ness: Let's do some good.

Well, this is something new for me. I'm not usually one to pimp other people's blogs, but whatever.

Meg, over at Hobocamp wrote a pretty compelling post about the volunteer work she does with HIV-positive kids. It would take a pretty black-hearted person to read it and not feel a little tug in your chest. She's doing the AIDS walk in NYC, and while it wasn't much, I donated a bit. I'm encouraging anyone who reads this, whether you're a regular or because you came here looking for info on Faith No More or my drunken ramblings, to head over there, read the post, and if you have the means, give a little (or a lot). As an added motivator, here's a pic of one of the little moppets she works with:

That's all.


A Lover and a Fighter said...

TK, my good friend! Thank you so much for your generous donation and for your help.

I'm overcome, and even more smitten with you than before, if possible.


Jayne said...

thank you so much for sending us there, TK. it was a beautiful article that I will share with everyone I can.