Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Post

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and got lots of pretty. we had a great, relaxed Christmas day, and I've been eating turkey for two meals a day since then. It's fantastic. I got a new watch, which I will try very hard to NOT break, as I have broken each of the last... actually, all of them. Every single watch I've ever owned I've managed to break. This one is supposed to be quite sturdy, so let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? Hey, on the bright side, I never lose them!

Other highlight gifts were a gift certificate to a great sushi restaurant, a phenomenal bottle of Scotch (Oban 14yr old), and, of course, the new bike which I hope to finally pick up soon.

Retard Update: We had a blackout last night -- I was home alone, watching The Dark Knight (another fabulous Christmas gift), and all of a sudden -- poof! No lights. I was in the basement, no flashlight, no nothin'. So I stumble around a little, kick over a small table, step on a cat, finally find the stairs and... fell. I landed three steps up.

Yeah. I fell up the stairs. It's sort of hard to explain. So I won't. Use your imagination.

Anyway, last but very not least -- I subscribe to Sports Illustrated, though sometimes I wonder why -- the writing is a little stuffy some times, and in general I find that I enjoy more off-color sports writing. But every now and then, they really nail it, and this week -- they fucking blew me away.

I admit it: I'm a huge fan of pit bulls. Almost every one I've met has been an absolutely phenomenal dog. And since we already know what a sucker for dogs I am, the Vick story really infuriated me (and I was thrilled to bits when he ended up in the clink). So it's no surprise that I can't recommend this article enough. Read it and weep. In a (mostly) good way.

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Lainey said...

That broke my heart and made me happy. But this? "the program Paws for Tales, in which kids who get nervous reading aloud in class practice their skills by reading to a canine audience of one. Jonny was certified in November, and now once a month he sits patiently listening to children read." is so awesome, I can't stand it!

Thank you for posting this link. I never would have seen the article otherwise.

A Lover and a Fighter said...

First of all, I've fallen up the stairs a lot. Did you jack up your shins and the palms of your hands? That's usually where I feel it most.

Second of all, and so interestingly (to me), we just adopted a rescue pit. She's wonderful, so sweet, gets along beautifully with our other dog and other than some brief lapses in the peeing outside thing, she's been a dream. She's curled up at my feet right now.

that was a really long winded way of saying thank you for posting that! i love you and mrs tk and your big beautiful puppy-adoring hearts.

Anonymous said...

Word for word, what Lainey said.
-eppendork (clicked over from Pajiba)

Anonymous said...

Holy smack, I love bully breeds. We'd totally have one if our fence wasn't dilapidated and my mother is terrified that a pit bull would eat Little A's face off.

Vick's big ass estate not too far from here was just put up for auction. I hope whoever buys it burns down all those buildings they used to torture those dogs.

Erin said...

That was a beautiful story. Of course, I am a mess now. I have a pit/lab mix from a shelter. She was abused when she was younger, and is one neurotic dog, but I can't imagine my life without her.

onthevirg said...

Thanks for the link to the article man, great story. People who would do something like this to animals are complete f*%ksticks. I hope Vick got the rape stand in prison.

BTW, if anyone gets the National Geographic Channel, they have a series called DogTown which chronicles the efforts of one of the groups mentioned, Best Friends. They are replaying the episode that shows their work w/ the Vick dogs. I've watched quite a bit of the show and it's very inspirational. It's not all hugs and sunshine though, it can be very heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

TK.... of all my friends, you are most likely to "fall up the stairs".
Vick is a tool and will be reincarnated as a feeder food for pet store carnivores.

mindy said...

I love pit bulls too. They are so beautiful and sweet. I'll definitely read that article!

Anonymous said...

There is a series on The National Geographic Channel called Dog Town which is filmed at the shelter that the Best Friends run. The last show in the marathon was when they took in the "Vick" pits.

It was heartbreaking to see how these dogs were treated and watch as their issues manifested themselves. That said, it was also inspirational. Seeing the dogs progress in their socialization and, understanding the dedication that many people have to rehabilitating these dogs, was fantastic.

People need to be re-educated when it comes to breeds like pits. As a matter of fact, we are looking at adopting a pit-cross from the local SPCA. I was hesitant, but she was the quietest, most well behaved of all the dogs there.

A great article and thank you for posting it.