Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome to my family

I've been meaning to post this for a while but got sidetracked. Some of you may remember a week or two ago I posted a review for American History X over at Pajiba. Well, ever since I've let my parents in on this gig, they've taken to reading the reviews. After the AHX review, I received an email from my dad that sums up our relationship beautifully. It read:

Hey Boy,

A little masterpiece. Superb writing. Wonderful character, acting and story analysis and a balanced assessment of the social pathology of Neo-Nazism (as reflected in this particular story) that I would find difficult to achieve.

Keep it up but don’t end a sentence with a preposition.



So first off, yes, at 33 years old, my father still calls me "Boy." Frankly, I don't mind and even find it quite endearing. Second, if you know my father, and know what an all-around brilliant mind he is, you can see why a message like this has me glowing with pride. And third, that final sentence is absolutely awesome. It's so "dad" it's almost comical. God, I love my dad.

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Anthea said...

Ok, I have to comment about the "Boy" thing. Last night, I was at Michelle's place for supper, and a friend of ours was there with her son. Anyway, Michelle looked at Connor, the son, and then said, "Boy, do you want something to drink?"
I stopped and looked at her thinking, did we get so old that we're starting to call little boys "Boy"? So funny that you're writing about it. It's such a South African thing!

kelsi said...

this is absolutely one of my favorite stories.

Julie said...

That was great-your dad is incredibly well spoken. And parenty. :)

My mom wanted to read my EE column. I just laughed and informed her that the dirty mind she knows and loves just intensifies on the page.

lordhelmet said...

Tip of the hat to you for letting your folks in on your online writing. That takes some serious balls - do they know about your zombie hordes and propensity for senseless violence and strippers? Cuz if they do, man, your dad's really cool.

And you know his closing advice was just about the only nitpicking comment he could make.

PS - Jules, your mom knows about EE? Tell her to read it only when sitting down and very, very drunk!

onthevirg said...

Your dad sounds like a really cool guy. Where did it all go so bad to end up w/ a misanthrope like you?

meaux said...

Aww, that is awesome. Your dad sounds terrific.