Friday, August 15, 2008

Tremble You Weaklings, Cower in Fear

Few things:

1) I forgot to tell you a story from a couple of weeks ago. Friday, I got out of work and was heading over to a friend's house to watch some baseball. Traffic was a brute. It was hot as balls. I had brought a pair of shorts and flip-flops to change into. The car wasn't going anywhere, traffic was so bad. So, instead of melting in the front seat, I decided to just change into my shorts right there. Which, after a great deal of thrashing and bumping and accidentally honking the horn and knocking over my iced coffee, I finally succeeded in doing. It's worth mentioning that in addition to all of these goofy shenanigans, my music was blaring, so I could barely hear anything.

Anyway, I finished changing, and next thing I knew, a balled-up dollar bill came sailing through my window. I looked out and... well, there sat an SUV full of girls, laughing hysterically. I probably turned as red as I possibly can, and sheepishly offered them back their dollar. The one riding shotgun yelled out the window, "YOU EARNED IT!"



2) I've got two posts going up today. One is already up at The Music Is The Message, where I embarrass myself even more than I just did in telling that story. We've started a new Friday theme, this one being "Guilty Pleasures." Please try not to laugh too hard. We all have secrets, people. Oh, fine. Go ahead and laugh, you fucking jerks. Here's a little taste:

Finally, I've got a review going up at 1:00 on Pajiba. It's one of my all-time favorite movies, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Fortunately, this one is not embarrassing. Thank GOD. Here, I'll give you a little hint:

Have a bitchin' weekend.


country roads said...

baha! you should've told the girls that it was their turn now!

Tamatha said...

Love the changing in your car story!

me said...

shake your groove thang baby!

Manny said...

Bitch, please. I've changed in the car, outside of my car in a parking garage, and in my cubicle at one of my many previous jobs. Oh yeah, I'm back. Tremble in fear.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Hey Sasquatch, just count yer blessings you didn't get pelted with pennies.

I say that with all the love in the world, ya' adnoidal freak!