Monday, August 04, 2008

Random crap

Weekend Update:

I'm sorry to say, folks, that Tart has found a home... and it's not mine. As adorable as she is, she's going to live with a great guy that Mrs. TK works with, a veterinary nurse and his girlfriend. We've got her for the remainder of the week, during which I'll continue to spoil her rotten, but come Friday, she's gonzo.

Saturday I bought this:

Hey there, sexy

It's not some super-fancy $1,000+ bike, but it's still awesome - especially when compared to my old beater of a bike. I'm already looking forward to seriously injuring myself on it. Bought on Saturday, already put 40 miles on him. I'm definitely loving it. So yeah, yesterday I rode for 25 miles... and then we went kayaking. It was probably the most active day I've had in my entire life. I'm feeling a little banged up today, I admit.

I wrote another post on The Music Is The Message. Click here to read it.

Saturday night a friend and I went to a Boston Cannons lacrosse game. For those who may not know, the Cannons play for the professional lacrosse league. It was pretty fun, even though it was somewhat rainy so there were only a couple thousand people there. Of course, I'd had a bit of whiskey before hand, but I kept myself in check (it's VERY family friendly and there were a lot of kids). Highlights included the halftime show, which was two little league lacrosse teams playing a quick, 10 minute game. They were probably 8-10 years old and straddled the line between cute and hilarious. The temptation to stand up and scream "YOU SUCK WINCHESTER!" was strong, but I held back. At one point, we had the following conversation:

TK: Is it bad that I kinda want to see one of these kids get completely cleaned out?
My Friend: Yes. Well... yes.
TK: Well, I'm not saying I want them to have to roll an ambulance onto the field...
MF: You just want to see someone get knocked around.
TK: Exactly, just get their bell rung a little.

There are myriad reasons why I don't go out in public very often. Also, why I don't have children.


country roads said...

It's not a sporting event til someone gets clocked!

lordhelmet said...

Y'know TK, since it's now confirmed you shouldn't often go out in public, it's probably better that when you do go out, you keep your thoughts, inclinations, and temptations to yourself. It keeps the other people less nervous and reduces the amount of "incriminating evidence" against you should something happen. Of course, if you're trying to scare the shit outta them, that's when you wonder out loud if a kid's likely to bleed out before the ambulance gets on scene.

Erm, not that I've had experience with this or anything. I'm just sayin'.

MelodyLane said...

Helmet is right. You always need to leave a low number of witnesses, lest anything go spectacularly and awesomely wrong. Especially when it deals with other people's ankle bitters (children). I have gotten very strange looks from stating out loud that their minions should be leashed. I meant every word.

Your dogs are not going to be happy about this. As long as Tart has a good home, it is okay. But if she does not like it there, then you have to take her back