Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time

I was so excited when I was offered the Pajiba gig. I mean, reviewing movies! What’s not to love, right? Fortunately I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying, on some level, each movie I’ve reviewed to date. So when I received a random email from what we are assuming was a PR flak for the Lifetime Network recommending I check out a movie called The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I cracked up. I mean, the Lifetime Network? Why the fuck would they contact me of all people? I laughingly forwarded it to Dustin Rowles, the publisher of Pajiba, thinking he'd find it funny. Instead, he responded, "You should review it."


Shortly there after, I was chatting with A Lover & A Fighter, a.k.a. Lover of All Things Lifetime and All Around Goofball, and I mentioned this to her. Her response? "Oh, that shit? I read that book. It was awful, awful, awful."

Fucking Hell.

After discovering that Darth Rowles was not, in fact, kidding, I resolved myself to watching it. I’d been dreading this past weekend for days. It was made worse by the fact that a) my wife was out of town, b) the Red Sox were playing the Yankees that weekend, and c) I was getting a cold. This is how fate found me sick*, home alone, on a Sunday night – watching the Lifetime Network instead of the Red Sox game. Yeah, this gig rocks. Anyway, click here.

*And in case anyone is wondering, it turns out I'm not just sick, I've got strep. I'm lovin' life right now, let me tell you.


A Lover and a Fighter said...

your review was pretty brilliant. i maintain that the book was dead awful.

the lifetime ORIGINAL movies are the best. i stand by that.

country roads said...

As long as there was a man beating a woman or stealing her money or something, you didn't have to watch it. That's what lifetime's all about man. One of my friend's gfs didn't talk to him all evening after watching that channel all day. He was at work while she was watching the movies :-P.

oh, and you know how I know you're gay?

country roads said...

I take it back...mostly :-P That review kicks ass.

Julie said...

Feel better TK!!

John Barleycorn said...

How'd you score the writing gig?

Babysit me.

dmbmeg said...

Agreed with L&F. I was forced (really, I was like tied down and stuff) ro read that book for my [cough cough] book club, and I cried the whole way through.

Not because it was moving or touching or any of that dumb shit, but because it was just...that...bad...And not the good kind of bad like Road House, but bad bad.

I actually was flipping (ok I might have turned to watch) through the channels when I saw the fucking dumb kid fall like two feet off that ledge and start crying. What a little asshole.

ANyways, your review was good.

Redhead said...

I'm with a lover and fighter - that book was reallllyyyy bad. At some point I just decided to finish it so I could be sure I had all the information before I trashed it.

Feel better.

Hollywood Sucker said...

I heart pajiba! How'd you score that?

You rule and I am jealous. And now I will have to look for your reviews.