Thursday, April 24, 2008

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week

I present to you:

The glory of Deep Blue Sea.


Please to enjoy.

Listening to: Imogen Heap - Getting Scared


me said...

TK - this was brilliant, with one exception....Samuel Muther Fucking Jackson a b-to c? Come on dude, he is comic GOLD.

What I especially liked about the review is that I have no idea how I got there. I read a link somewhere about sharks and the MoFo and said “self, I have gots to read that”, and when I clicked, said “of course it’s Pajiba”. And then as I giggled through the rest of the review wondering how the HELL I ever missed this gem, I decided to scroll down to see who wrote it;
Dustin, the TV whore? No it’s our very own, not born and apparently not breeding either, TK.

Come on out to the stixs. We can go to the Wrentham outlets and make fun of people

Andrea said...

LOVE the title to your post...

tracy jordan a la 30 Rock?

Kolby said...

I seriously can't swim in water where the bottom is not clearly visible. I blame movies like this one for that little nugget of neurosis.

kelsi said...

we lived all last week like it was pope vs. shark week.
it has yet to be decided who would win that fight.

TK said...

Me - we are disturbingly close by to each other, I think.

Andrea- Yup. The one and only.

Kolby - you and Mrs. TK should get together and have a fraidy-pants party.

Kelsi - Sharks always win. ALWAYS.

Hex said...

Man go in cage. Cage go in water. Shark in the water.

Our shark.

Anonymous said...

excellent excellent excellent review. now if only we could actually feed those people to sharks. OR if we could genetically engineer sharks to swim sdrawkcab. that would be cool too. but alas, we don't have the super special "science."