Monday, October 22, 2007

Shipping up to Boston


Friday I get an email from my friend Jen, asking me, if the Red Sox series go to game seven, do I want to go?

Do I want to go? OF COURSE I want to go. But... shit. I have a wedding to go to. Two of Mrs. TK's work friends are getting married on Sunday. I regretfully, and tragically, decline. I turn down a chance to see my team play in Game Seven of the American League Championship Series.

I am not a happy boy. I get home Friday night, and...

Me: Yeah, Jen offered me a ticket. Bummer, but I told her I couldn't make it.
Mrs. TK: Ouch.
Me: Yeah.
MTK: Wait... you know what? You should go.
Me: WHAT? But... we...
MTK: Whatever, we'll take two cars, or I'll get a ride from someone. We'll go, you can stay for the ceremony, have a drink and some hors d'oeuvres, and then take off. You better call her before she gives the ticket away.
Me: (happy dance)

Folks... this is one of those moments when you know you've married the right person. Not that I didn't know it before, but... I mean, that's All-Star wife material right there. Hall of fucking Fame.

Saturday night, we watch Game Six with baited breath. Victory! Celebration!

Sunday. Watch a little football, get all gussied up for the wedding. Drive to Newport, RI. Sit through a beautiful ceremony (seriously. It was outdoors in a field on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Spectacular). Go inside. Drink a beer during cocktail hour. Sit down. They announce there will be three toasts. THREE? First up: Maid of honor. Hers... it's nice, but... it's long.
  • Quick aside here. I've been the Best Man at two weddings. I have a simple philosophy on toasts: Keep it simple, be funny, don't be crude or too embarrassing, and be BRIEF. People are there to eat, drink, dance, and maybe make some bad decisions. Don't keep them from that. OK, that's all.
Best Man - quick, sweet, touching.
Father of the Groom: Likewise.

I bolt up, run over, shake the groom's hand, hug the bride, and I think I left a vapor trail, I ran out of there so fast. I barrel up to Boston - It's 6:45, the game starts at 8:15, and I've got 75 miles to drive, the find parking (on a night when parking... let's just say it's scarce), get to the park. I fly up to Boston, park in a garage, get in a cab and say, "Get me as close to Fenway as you can." Cab driver hauls through downtown, I throw money through the glass, and... I made it by the middle of the first inning. Proceed to watch the game in my wedding attire and a baseball hat. And let the record show: I DID NOT SPILL MUSTARD ON MYSELF!

And... well, most of you know how that ended. Let's just say there was lots of yelling, lots of high-fiving and hugging complete strangers, and I am very sleepy today. But I haven't stopped smiling yet.

Listening to: The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist


Maxine Dangerous said...

You are so cute! :)

New Texan said...

YOU ARE THE MAN. And you definitely have a keeper!!!

I was relegated to a Hooters with fellow blogger "Krust", but we had plenty of fun, and a few strokes/heart attacks.

Go Sox!

litelysalted said...

The only thing missing is Pedro doing the Happy Champagne Dance.

This is great and everything, but I still miss the '04 Sox!

dmbmeg said...

I told you this once, and I will tell you again.

Even I would marry your wife. That's a good woman, right there.

slouchmonkey said...

What is the happy dance? Hugs to your wife. Grade A all-star HALL OF FAME material!

Bravo to the Red Sox and Boston. And, well...I guess Manny was right. "Well, we'll just go out there and try to win and if not, then there's always next year." -Best quote ever!

girl with curious hair said...

Mrs. TK is perhaps the nicest wife ever.

I bet you were the best dressed fan in the whole park--and you managed to avoid mustard related accidents. Very impressive.

TK said...

Max: Aw, thanks.

NT - You did your part too, bud. Glad you survived.

LS - Let's not forget Pedro's little midget friend! And... I like this years guys a lot.

Meg - um...Are you hitting on my wife?

Slouch - The happy dance is private, thank you very much.

Curious - Really, the mustard thing is in many ways just as impressive as the win itself.

Cowboy the Cat said...

It must feel nice... I'm a Tiger fan. :(

Oh well, I'm over it. Go Sox!

litelysalted said...

Oh, hey TK -- I said something nice about you on Love today, and I didn't even do it ironically! How 'bout that? I've decided to be a nicer person from now on. Although, I'll probably change my mind tomorrow.

A Lover and a Fighter said...

God bless Gertie!

Congrats, son. I'm glad you had a good weekend.

NYCPonderings Chick said...

OH MY, that is truly a-mazing...i was in fenway myself for last night's debauchery, get ready for wednesday

demondoll said...

Hurray for a great weekend!
And double hurray for the best-wife-EVER.

country roads said...

You are my hero.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Yeah, talkin' smack before it's all done ... will I EVER learn to keep my mouth shut?

I think not.

The only thing I take comfort in is the fact that my blog is infinitely more clever and sublime than is yours.

Try not to sob.

d said...

the rockies are so gonna kick the sox' collective ass.

(i'm just representin' 'cause i'm from 'rado. i don't really care one way or the other.)

mindy said...

"People are there to eat, drink, dance, and maybe make some bad decisions."

You're damn right. I always make bad decisions at other people's weddings.

Also, better keep that wife close - looks like you have some competition.

TK said...

Cowboy - Your day will come. Someday.

LS - I'm sure you were drunk or temporarily insane, but thanks.

L & F - Gertie's good like that.

NYC Ponderings - Good for you! If you get tix for the WS... can I come?

Demondoll - you ain't kidding.

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew... someday you'll learn. Or not.

D - We shall see.

Mindy - attagirl. That's what weddings are for.

Rev said...

A) Brava Mrs. TK! 1,000,000 points!

B) I debated not bringing this up, but since you're a stickler (like me) of spelling and grammar - the expression is 'with bated breath' not 'with baited breath'

Still, awesome story.

Rev said...

Of course I meant "a stickler (like me) for spelling and grammar."

My apologies.