Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't tease me about my hobbies. I don't tease you about being an asshole.

All right, you ravenous beasts. To keep this rowdy lot quiet, I am vowing to post every day this week*. And I vow that every post will be as clever and insightful as is humanly possible**.

But dammit, I'm having too much fun these days, which is not something I get to say often. The weekend was fantastic - Friday night was an impromptu part-ay at a friends awesome pad in East Boston, which has a great view of Boston Harbor. Saturday we had friends over for an excellent bbq dinner, prepared by yours truly. Sunday was working around the house, with a great walk in the woods with Mrs. TK and one of the dogs (three-legged beagles aren't so good with the hiking, so she stayed home). And Monday was some more working on the house, and a beautiful canoe trip on Lake Cochituate (Ahh, Massachusetts - land of fucked up Indian names). Why did I go canoing on Monday, you ask? Because I took the day off - aw yeah... Perfect weather, fun activities, and a little bit of home improvement. Not bad, I say. Not bad at all.

But the week has blogging potential. This weekend I'm driving to Philly to console (read: get drunk with) a friend whose stripper girlfriend recently went psycho on him. A weekend of boozing, a Phillies-Mets game, and horrific traffic.

But best of all, Thursday and Friday are prime blogging material - that's right, kiddies - INTERVIEWS!!! I'm interviewing 7 people over those two days, and hopefully there will be a mix of good candidates (who will make my life easier) and crazy ones (to amuse y'all). Last time I interviewed I had a guy who was fired from his last job for sexual harassment and racial profiling, a woman who literally talked non-stop, to the point that I actually only asked two questions in 45 minutes, and a guy who I'm pretty sure showed up drunk.

So good stories shall abound.

So I promise to provide y'all with more material in the coming days. ***

* Not true
** A bald-faced lie.
*** Not bloody likely.


dmbmeg said...

was this a blog post about what you may or may not be blogging about?

I'm going to say this because I love you. Please, get ridiculously drunk, invite a friend into bed with you and your wife, all while singing Wisconsin's fight song, and maybe MAYBE you will reach the level of quality that my blog has.


oh yes, go Mets!

TK said...

Meg - Wow. We really have different definitions of "quality". Keep criticizing me, and you'll hurt my delicate feelings. Keep it up and I am gonna straight-up murder your ass.

Anonymous said...

Now THERE'S a blog entry just waiting to happen...

Redhead said...

Wait, so your friend's stipper girlfriend went psycho on him? That's so weird - women in that profession generally aren't the type to have mental stability issues. Hmmm.

I kind of liked meg's suggestion - anything to get you to stop saying 'ya'll.' (Ooh, and more pictures of your dogs!)

litelysalted said...

Yo! I'm gonna be on boozing it up on South Street Saturday night, in a rare (rare for me) Philly appearance. Email me if you feel like meeting up!

Garrett Reid said...

TK - I think you are kind of missing the point of DMBmeg's comment. It was a subtle offer to be the "friend" invited to bed you and your wife. I say go for it.

Manny said...

Did somebody say threesome?

slouchmonkey said...

Tease. More interview stories. Less housework.

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