Friday, May 22, 2009

Why It's Good That I'm Not Single

Sooo... a story or two for y'all. Wednesday night, after a looooong ass day at work, I met a friend at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston to see the phenomenal Southern Culture on the Skids, as well as Los Straightjackets. The show was fantastic - Los Straightjackets were... well... They only speak spanish. And they wear suits. And Lucha Libre masks. And play instrumental surf guitar rock. And they kicked ass.

Yup. Awesome.

SCOTS was similarly excellent. But of course, that's not why I'm here today...

So. I'm standing there with my friend J, drinking a beer, bobbing my head and tapping my feet, when someone bumps into me. I turn to my left, and a girl looks at me and smiles. I promptly drop my beer onto the floor. Then I give one of those not-quite-laughs-more-like-the-cackle-of-a-mental-patient things. I pick up my beer (it was a can, thankfully). Try to drink some. Spill it on my shirt.

Needless to say, she looks mildly terrified and slowly starts to move away from me. And not just because of the puddle of Pabst that is slowly creeping towards her feet.


Eventually, we move to the other side of the club. J is a couple of steps in front of me, getting down and boogying. A different girl is walking past me. I step on her foot by accident. And this was even weirder. She stops, looks at me. I raise my hands and mouth "Sorry 'bout that."

You'd expect that she would either a) nod in acceptance and move on, or b) get pissy. Well, no. She for some reason opted for c) - wrap her arms around me and kiss me on the neck. I backpedaled frantically until I bumped into the bar. She untangles herself, looks at me cockeyed, and walks away. Minutes later, I tell J this story and he says, "You stepped on her foot and she tried to make out with you? Is that all it takes these days?"

Weird. Very, very weird.

Anyway. Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

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Anna von Beaverplatz said...

That might be the weirdest thing I've ever heard. (The second one, I mean.)(You're welcome. Just call me Captain Obvious. Is it rum time yet? TGI-3-day weekend.)

Maybe I'll try that the next time somebody steps on my foot... Wait, no. That's just weird.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

You know, in some cultures if you get close enough to step on a woman's toes it's considered marriage contract.

That said, I'm sure Mrs. TK rests with such peace of mind when you go out.

Maxine Dangerous said...

Wow. How cute ARE you?? (A question, not a Chandler-from-"Friends" statement. :))

onthevirg said...

Honestly, you're just the best.

Maybe "I'm sorry" means "Want to swab my tonsils?" where she's from?

Anonymous said...

Rest assured: 1) You're not that cute (I say that as a former roommate); 2) Mrs TK has much more pressing things to worry about (like the US being invaded by oh,... I don't know, Peru); 3) I blame it all on the E; and 4) I share many of these same problems.

Spender said...

I already love SCOTS but thanks for the intro to Los Straightjackets.
I am always in the mood for something new and somewhat weird where music is concerned.

That said, your adventures in clubland sound uncomfortably close to my own ultra-suave moves.

Should we form a brotherhood?

Anonymous said...

Los Straightjackets rock! They are regulars on the Halloween channel at AOL radio (powered by CBS, or so it says).