Thursday, October 02, 2008

And I'm back...

Well, my trip to Denver was spectacularly boring. Basically, it consisted of the following schedule:

6 AM - Wake up
7 AM - Eat gross buffet breakfast
8 AM - Attend sessions on Low-Income Housing Software and Regulatory Changes Affecting It
12 PM - Lunch
1 PM - Back to sessions
4:30 - Go to room, beat head against wall.
4:35 - Go to teeny tiny hotel gym
6:00 -Shower, change
6:30 - Go to bar. Eat sandwich. Drink six beers. Watch baseball. Drunk-dial Mrs. TK.
9:00 - Stumble back to hotel, fall asleep.

Rinse, fucking repeat. Every single day.

Also? While I accept that I saw very little of it, Denver was kind of... dull. Perhaps if I'd had more time.

But, in a shocking turn of events, the travel was completely and utterly uneventful. No repeats of the Salad Dressing Incident, and certainly nothing like the Batteries/Water-Spitting Incident. In fact, my flight back to Boston actually landed early. I feel like either a) it's the karmic wheel finally righting things, or b) it's karma just being a cruel bitch, and a plane is going to crash into my car en route to work or something tomorrow.

The coolest part was definitely when I landed. The Red Sox game was in full swing, and I'm obviously dying to know the score. I bolt off the plane, find my car, turn on the radio and... we're losing.


I get in, start driving, get out of the tunnel and... Jason Bay cranks one, and we take the lead! Promptly followed by a text message from my friend Jen (aka the greatest friend in the history of friends) inviting me to game three on Sunday.

Not a bad way to return home.

I did have a review go up on Wednesday, for one of my favorite Shakespeare adaptations, Titus. Click here to read it, if you please.

Also, I just finished watching the VP debate. I loathe Sarah Palin. Loathe. She was so goddamn smug and artificial and folksy and "oh, I'm a maaaaverick" that I literally chipped a molar from grinding my teeth while watching.


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Lainey said...

I grew up in Denver. You're not missing anything. Pretty, but boring.

Also, on Pajiba, you said everything I was thinking during the debate about 2 seconds before my posts appeared. So, I look like a total copycat. But, because I was echoing you, at least I looked like a *smart* copycat!

kelsi said...

the denver airport is home to one of my favorite conspiracy theories regarding aliens and racism. it's awesome.

also titus? fan-fucking-tastic. every time i watch it, i spend the whole time wavering between admiration and total revulsion. it's great.