Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good-byes and artwork

Well, my parents are gone.

That sucks.

The airport scene wasn't as bad (meaning: depressing) as it usually is - I don't know if that's because it's different/harder when I'm leaving Cape Town, or if it's becoming easier over time. My parents left the country 12 years ago, and our good-byes are still indescribably painful. This one - there was crying, and I was (and still am) incredibly sad, but I didn't completely fall apart like I sometimes have in the past.

I feel almost guilty for that.

Mrs. TK was wonderful though, a rock for me to lean on as she usually is. We went over to a friend's house Friday night for a bbq, just to distract me, if nothing else.

I have to admit, one of the highlights of the trip was sports-related. My father is a huge sports fan, and a huge basketball fan to boot - he's the reason I'm as big a Celtics fan as I am. So being able to watch Game 4, one of the all-time greatest comeback games in the history of the NBA (and a Celtics-Lakers game, no less), while sitting next to him was truly a special experience. So, thanks for that, Celtics. I appreciate it.

Saturday was a good day, though. I had round three of my arm tattoo which, while ultimately something of a disappointing session (I got there late, we didn't get a whole lot done), was still enjoyable. I really dig the place I've been going to (Redemption Tattoo). I went by a different tattoo place, Chameleon Body Arts, in Harvard Square, last week and... man, that place was just weird. Cold, emotionless place. As someone said - it felt like a gynecologist's office. Plus, the "Piercing Menu" freaked me the fuck out. The place I go to has a warm, kind of retro feel to it, the guys are all pretty goofy, and there's usually screaming heavy metal/hardcore music blaring. All of those are good things.

The remainder of the day was well spent - outside at a friend's house, watching ships go by in the harbor, cold beers and hot Mexican food, listening to the Sox game. There are few better ways to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

Anyway, here's some blurry if anyone's interested:

It's a little hard to make out, but the design goes up past the shoulder and all the way around the arm - most of it's still outline, and it weaves around and through a series of small pictographs/images of San rock art. The San, for those unaware, is an indigenous South African tribe, who hundreds of years ago did many cave and rock paintings that are, sadly, vanishing over time. Interestingly, the San are also thought to probably be the the oldest people on the planet, a "Genetic Adam," if you will.

In any event, it's where I've gotten the ideas for a few of my tattoos, including a larger scene of tribesman hunting a springbok that goes across my back - oddly, the only tattoo that my mother actually likes.

That was probably more explanation than was necessary.

Anyway. Have a good week. I've got a review going up in a few days, I'll keep you posted.

PS - I want to go to work tomorrow like I want a hole in my head. [sigh]

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country roads said...

That tattoo looks awesome! I prefer a place with loud music too. It just seems to fit better.

and watching ships in the harbor? kiss my ass.

kelsi said...

i. love. your. ink.

Anonymous said...

Even though it is blurry, I can tell that line work is fantastic. And that shit ain't easy.

Bless your sweet heart, TK. I'm glad you had such a good visit with the parents, that the Celtics kicked Laker ass (fuck the Lakers), and that Ms. TK helped hold you up and distract you with friends and food. It's the only way to mend the heart.

Alex the Odd said...

Rowr. Nice ink Mister, this girl is mightily impressed. I'm glad you had an awesome time with the parents, all in all: good mojo.