Friday, April 21, 2006

Well... here we are

Why I started this is beyond me. But since we're here (or at least, I'm here) I figured I'd run down some of the random crap you'll see me waste my time on. Important issues such as:

The Boston Red Sox
The pathetic decline of popular music, and the sadness that comes upon me when I realize how truly unappreciated Faith No More was.
Leftist politics (but not too much... I've grown weary of politics in general)
Movies, particularly B-Movies and genre pics.
My growing obsession with Anne Hathaway.
My growing revulsion towards Lindsey Lohan.
My job (which will hopefully soon change!)

And hopefully more interesting things as time progresses.

But let'ss start with #1 - the BoSox and their pathetic defeat last night by the D-Rays. The D-Rays. I'm not positive that I couldn't put together a squad of 9 of my buddies and scratch out a couple runs against them. S0 when the Sox lose to them, it's something of a gut-shot to me. It sucks. YES, I know we're 15 games into a 162 game season. But dammit, it's the fuckin' DEVIL RAYS.

While we're on Boston sports - the Bruins... oh, the Bruins... like interest wasn't waning enough, the Bruins had to trade their best player, hire (and the fire) an atrocious GM, and then completely tank the season. Ugh. But hey! We got the #5 draft pick.

Ok, enough hockey - anyone still awake?

Fuck it. I'll be back later.

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